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North America’s Building Trades Unions are fast developing a reputation as a valuable and reliable partner in helping to re-build lives and strengthen whole communities by creating opportunities and pathways for the next generation – especially women, communities of color and military veterans – through our apprenticeship-readiness and formal apprenticeship education and training infrastructure.

But, every day across this great nation, NABTU’s member unions and its rank and file members are also busy providing community aid and assistance wherever and whenever it is needed. Our members and our local union leaders are not only your friends and neighbors, but we are your Little League coaches, church volunteers, youth mentors, as well as many other important roles that make our communities strong and viable.

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IBEW Local 103 Donates 20,000 PPE Masks to Frontline Nurses

Amidst a dire, statewide shortage of critical medical supplies, the region’s largest electrical workers’ union, IBEW Local 103, has donated 20,000 medical-grade protective masks to the Massachusetts Nurses Association (MNA) for direct distribution to front-line caregivers at Brigham and Women’s Hospital.

Community Drive Helps Those on the Front Lines of the Fight Against COVID-19

Healthcare workers across the nation are working on the frontline of the COVID-19 pandemic with, at times, not enough supplies to protect them… “So, we thought that over here we could do our part and help give back to the community.”

Union Chips in to Give Community Center a Makeover

Some things are worth more than money — like taking time out of a hectic schedule to lend a hand to an organization that helps many others.

Boilermakers Local 128 Fundraises for Local Hospital

Canadian Boilermakers proved they are as generous as they are skilled.

Builders Guild of Western PA Builds Camp for Handicapped Children

“We do this to show that we are TOGETHER as one.”

IBEW 2nd Call Program Provides Transition from Prison to Building Trades

2nd Call offers the formerly incarcerated the opportunity to make the most of their second chance by using their skills towards building a career as an electrician.

Indiana Building Trades Unions Step Up to Renovate Homes at No Cost to Homeowners

This year fourteen homes were renovated, and over the course of the last 28 years, over 600 houses in total have been renovated.

C.H.O.I.C.E. Trades Step Up Efforts to Encourage More Women to Pursue Construction Careers

Some, such as plumber and steamfitter Raven Retz, were first-year apprentices. Others, like 34-year veteran carpenter Cynthia Mills, had been in the business for years.

Iron Workers Union Offers Paid Maternity Leave

The program offers up to six months of pre-delivery benefit and six weeks of post-delivery benefit, with an additional two weeks for Cesarean deliveries.

Long Island Building Trades Program Helps Minority Youths Prepare for Union Apprenticeships

Young people like Femi Ayodele are on the path to a middle-class life thanks to an innovative program launched by the Long Island-Suffolk County Building Trades Council.