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Business & Industry

Highly trained, productive and safe skilled craft construction professionals are in demand. Businesses need those workers to help facilitate hundreds of billions of dollars in capital construction investments. NABTU possesses decades of experience recruiting and training people for careers in the skilled trades – including women, communities of color and military veterans – at no cost to taxpayers.

Indeed, NABTU, along with their contractor partners, are the leading purveyors of construction craft training in North America – operating over 1,900 privately funded, cutting-edge apprenticeship training centers across the United States and Canada (1,600 in the U.S. alone), via an investment of almost $2 billion per year. Such industry-labor partnerships make perfect sense to achieve and ensure economic momentum across North America.

These partnerships offer a new model for labor relations across North America, and it’s an approach that recognizes the enormous benefits created for working people when industry and labor work in collaborative fashion.


For over 10 years, the Pharmaceutical Industry Labor-Management Association has united the biopharmaceutical industry and union workers with the dual goals of fostering innovation of life-saving cures and securing high-quality union construction jobs. As the partnership has grown over the years, so has its impact.


North America’s Building Trades Unions and the oil and natural gas industries have united to be a healthy and thriving part of the 21st century of the American economy. Recognizing the importance of providing innovative and affordable access to energy is vital to America and its people.


The Chemical Industry Labor-Management Committee, a partnership between the U.S. chemical industry and the 14 affiliated unions of North America’s Building Trades Unions (NABTU), recognizes the vital importance of the chemical industry to our society, economy and future.