The Building Trades Academy

The Building Trades Academy’s educational programs offer useful and practical skill and capacity building for building trades union leadership and staff. By offering classes in organizing, negotiating, teaching techniques and labor law, the learning objectives of the Academy focus on building the skills, knowledge and understanding necessary for participants to effectively fulfill staff and leadership roles within their unions. The seminars, led by skilled practitioners and educators, are conducted in an atmosphere of solidarity with shared labor movement goals.

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Building Trades Academy Introduction Video

Building Trades Academy Catalogue

Meet the Instructors

David Alexander

John P. Beck, MA

Dale Belman, PhD

Julie L. Brockman, PhD

Kirk Brungard

Jim Ciment, PhD

Kathleen M Conlan

Virginia R. Diamond, JD

Bruce Holt

Thomas J. Kriger, PhD

Peter Olney, MBA

Glenn Perusek, PhD

Greg Raftery

Jean Deardon

Michael Hayes, JD

Fred Kotler, JD

Craig Merrilees

Jon Newman, JD

Dan Pasini

Richard Resnick, JD

Melissa Shetler

Carl Shaffer

Edward Alvarez


BTA Classes

BTA 101: Strategic Planning

BTA 102: Closing the Deal

BTA 103: Getting the Word Out (Social Media/Digital Communications)

BTA 104: Campaign Organizing

BTA 105: Contract Negotiations in the Construction Industry

BTA 106: Labor Law in the Construction Industry

BTA 107: Multi-Craft Core Curriculum Train-the-Trainer for Instructors and Coordinators

BTA 108: Business Managers Training