Capital Strategies Overview

NABTU’s Capital Strategies program was created in 2016 to facilitate a more active partnership between NABTU and the trustees, administrators, advisors and investment managers of our members’ pension savings in the pursuit of benefit improvements and prudent, responsible and financially sound investment policies.

NABTU takes very seriously the fiduciary duties governing pension fund administration. The Capital Strategies program seeks to make certain our members’ pension funds are managed in a manner consistent with their long-term economic interests. We consider this our primary goal, and one consistent with encouraging responsible investment and proxy voting policies, active ownership and responsible business behavior by companies our funds invest in.

NABTU believes by encouraging responsible corporate behavior, its Capital Strategies program will cause the companies our pension funds invest to perform better over the long term and offer workers greater opportunities for a voice on the job with pay fair wages and benefits.

To accomplish these goals, our Capital Strategies program helps elect and appoint effective trustees, educates and provides technical support to union trustees, promotes responsible investment and proxy voting policies, and builds close working relations with the investment consultants and managers of our members’ pension funds.

Daniel Pedrotty directs NABTU’s Capital Strategies Department and can be reached at 202-347-1461 (x4675) or

News & Releases

Building Trades and Private Equity Group Join Forces

Private equity advocacy group American Investment Council and North America’s Building Trades Unions are joining forces with a labor-management committee announced Thursday to support union jobs on projects involving private equity firms and to spur capital investment.

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NABTU Updates Scorecard on Real Estate, Infrastructure Managers

The objectives of the scorecard are twofold: holding investment management firms to a high standard of business operations and to clearly indicate how such firms can improve their policies and practices in the years ahead.

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Ullico Tops NABTU’s Infrastructure Manager Report Card

Ullico has achieved a 100 percent rating on North America’s Building Trades Unions’ Infrastructure Manager Report Card.

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