Infrastructure & Job Creation

Traditional Infrastructure

NABTU supports a broad-based, aggressive investment strategy to meet our infrastructure needs and provide for sustained job opportunities for our members. Whether it is our roads, bridges, waterways, ports, municipal water systems or public buildings, the time has come to engage in serious terms about investing in America’s crumbling infrastructure.

Energy Infrastructure

NABTU believes a modern energy policy should embrace an “all of the above” power production strategy. A balanced approach will result in economic prosperity, enhanced domestic energy security and robust job creation. Our dependence on foreign supplies of oil and gas, along with the threat of global climate change, exemplifies the need for a comprehensive energy policy, which benefits our economy and creates jobs for building trades members in constructing a modern energy infrastructure of the future.

Federal Permitting

Public and private entities seeking to undertake major capital projects must often run the gauntlet of a dozen separate agency reviews and approvals, occasionally resulting in years of project delays. The resulting uncertainty surrounding major projects makes new construction investments less attractive and hinders job creation for building trades members. NABTU is committed to reducing the red tape that needlessly delays much needed infrastructure projects.