Application for the Lake Byllesby Hydroelectric Project in Dakota County, Minnesota

Background: FERC has announced its receipt of an application for modifications to the existing Lake Byllesby Hydroelectric Project on the Cannon River in Dakota County, Minnesota.  The proposed modifications would include repair/replacement of several project features in conjunction with an upgrade to the project’s turbine generator units.  The work would primarily involve: (1) construction of gate structures, intake pier, and buttressing; (2) replacement of the project draft tubes, turbines, and other generation equipment; (3) repair or restoration of several historic features of the project powerhouse; and (4) restoration work in the downstream river channel.  The replacement of the turbines and related generation equipment would increase the project’s maximum intake design flow from 650 cubic feet per second (cfs) to 1,050 cfs, resulting in an increase in installed generating capacity from 1.9 megawatts (MW) to an estimated 4.0 MW.


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