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NABTU is dedicated to the stability of employment and economic security of organized construction workers in North America. The private investments made by our unions and our signatory contractors have created the most renowned apprenticeship training and education infrastructure found anywhere in the world. NABTU also works in close partnership with a wide array of industries to seek and secure a wide array of public policy challenges that lead to greater economic development across America.

NABTU Community

Building Trades in the Community

NABTU and its affiliates are building strong communities across North America. Through volunteer efforts, combined with partnerships with local policymakers and community leaders that enable career training pathways for historically disadvantaged individuals, NABTU’s affiliates are elevating individuals, families, and entire communities.

Working With Business and Industry

NABTU collaborates in partnership with businesses and whole industries in order to foster increased economic growth for our nation, and job and career opportunities for the American worker.

NABTU possesses and maintains a culture and a set of fundamental values that bind all of us collectively as the world’s finest skilled craft professionals. And that culture also connects with a fierce advocacy for community wage and benefit standards that properly reward such work…all of which helps to build stronger communities, more productive industries, and a healthier and more prosperous nation

Sean McGarvey
NABTU President