Bipartisan Call to ReBuild USA Infrastructure Grows in Final Days of Campaign

WASHINGTON, DC Monday, October 29, 2018 – Across the country, candidates for United States Senate and House of Representatives continue to sign  ReBuild USA’s Infrastructure Pledge, which affirms:  “If elected to Congress in 2018, I pledge to support a $1 trillion federal infrastructure package that is broad in scope, robust in funding, sustainable for future generations, efficient in design, and that has worker standards to ensure we rebuild America and empower communities across the country.”

According to results of a recent poll, 78 percent of voters nationwide agree that America’s infrastructure is in poor condition and in need of repair.  The poll results also show that 75 percent of voters are concerned by news reports that hostile foreign governments have hacked into the systems that control U.S. electric power.

In the closing days of the mid-term elections, ReBuild USA is standing up for our nation’s communities and asking all candidates running for U.S. Senate and House of Representatives to support robust, bipartisan infrastructure legislation in the next Congress. This important effort is actively supported by us at North America’s Building Trades Unions (NABTU) and hundreds of thousands of ReBuild USA’s advocates.

According to ReBuild USA’s national political director, Lori D’Orazio: “These candidates are asking for our vote — and we are asking them to get serious about rebuilding our communities, creating jobs, and fixing America’s dangerous crumbling infrastructure. By visiting, voters in every state and district will know which candidates are committed to rebuilding our nation’s infrastructure. It’s time to vote for those who invest in us.”

The list of candidates signing ReBuild USA’s Infrastructure Pledge is growing by the day as we approach Election Day. An updated list of signers can be found on our website,

Candidates wanting to be responsive to their voters, and who want to add their name to the Infrastructure Pledge before Election Day, can do so by clicking HERE.