WASHINGTON, DC – November 17, 2022 – Today, North America’s Building Trades Unions (NABTU) issued the following statement from President Sean McGarvey:

“Speaker Pelosi is a results-driven, committed public servant, whose career as both Minority Leader and Speaker has been second to none. For the last 20 years in Democratic leadership, she has been a masterful force in getting things done to benefit all Americans, progress our nation forward and protect our country’s democracy.

“We are in awe of her grit, finesse, and political acumen as one of the finest legislators that has ever graced the halls of Congress. Also, her sincere interpersonal skills define her leadership – always available, always responsive, knowing and remembering details from specific policy provisions and whip counts to names of a colleague’s extended family and asking how everyone is doing. In a different time and a different place, countless Republicans would join us and say publicly what they say privately: she is the best Speaker of the House. Full stop.

“Her life’s work to help lift up working families into the middle class has created avenues of opportunities for the less fortunate during her 35 years in Congress. Her unabashed prioritization of policies impacting health care, workers’ rights, infrastructure, diversity, equity and inclusion and clean energy has transformed the fabric of our society for the better. Time and again, she has taken tough stances with thin Congressional majorities to deliver historic legislative achievements that uplift America’s working families – namely securing the financial well-being of existing and future members of NABTU and their families for the next 50 years. As a testament to her leadership, she has shown nothing but grace by ushering in and mentoring the next generation of leaders in her party. She is simply the best.”