Washington, D.C. – October 19 , 2018 – Today, North America’s Building Trade Unions commended apprentice and Day & Zimmermann (D&Z) craft worker at the South Texas Project Nuclear Generating Station (STP) who saved a colleague’s life earlier this month by applying training he learned through NABTU Apprenticeship Readiness Program.

Apprentice Charles Park from Texas Insulators Local 22 recently administered cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) to a coworker who had collapsed on the job. Park and another teammate performed chest compressions and rescue breaths on the unconscious coworker until emergency medical technicians (EMTs) arrived. D&Z Carpenter Michael Drewy helped the EMTs transport the patient and rode with him to the hospital in case further assistance was needed.

“I’d been a safety manager for 16 years outside of the trades, but had never given anyone CPR,” Park said. “We just went through the MC3 program…and it allowed me to have the confidence to tend to the situation.”

Park had learned CPR only months before through NABTU’s Multi-craft Core Curriculum (MC3), administered through the Houston Gulf Coast Building & Construction Trades Council’s Apprenticeship Readiness Program. The MC3 course includes general apprenticeship orientation, CPR and first aid, and 10-hour Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) certification. The total core consists of 120 hours of classroom training.

“These apprenticeship programs and the courses our workers take not only provide a pathway to good jobs but also include critical safety training that, obviously, saves lives,” said Alan Bassham, D&Z’s Director of Operations for STP. “Their importance cannot be overstated.”

“At the Building Trades, our reputation rests on our value proposition: “Value on Display.  Every Day.” Mr. Park personified this value, and we commend him for his heroic efforts,” said NABTU President Sean McGarvey.  “This amazing lifesaving story demonstrates the value of our registered apprenticeship and apprenticeship readiness programs.  Our collaborative approach with great partners like Day and Zimmerman, STP and our local building trades councils, truly are preparing construction workers for ALL needs on the job site – including lifesaving public health and safety skills, critical soft skills, and diversity and inclusion training. At the heart of our approach is our commitment to our amazing workers like Mr. Park.”

Day & Zimmermann, STP, and the local building trades have partnered on ongoing apprenticeship training efforts and are working to increase the number of building trade apprentices.

“When you’re in it, time stands still, but things are still moving, and everything worked in a systematic manner,” said Park. “I’m excited that the gentleman lived, obviously, and I was excited to see everyone pitched in to create that blessing.”

“This is just further proof that having trained and educated workers supporting your efforts makes all the difference,” said Bassham. “Our craft and staff know that D&Z is committed, the utility is committed, and our union partners are committed to sending them home safe every day.”


From Left: D&Z Site Manager James McDonald, Insulator Business Agent Lacy Wolf, Executive Secretary of the Gulf Coast Building Trades Paul Puente, MC3 Apprentice Insulator Charles Park, MC3 Coordinator Dale Sanford, D&Z Director of Operations Alan Bassham, Carpenter Michael Drewy, Carpenter Training Director David Berrens, Carpenter Business Agent Kenneth Fontenot, and Boilermaker Business Manager Herman Sullivan.