WASHINGTON, DC – Jan. 7, 2021 — Today, North America’s Building Trades Unions’ (NABTU) President Sean McGarvey released the following statement applauding the announcement of Boston Mayor Marty Walsh as President-elect Joe Biden’s intended nominee for U.S. Secretary of Labor:

“North America’s Building Trades Unions applaud Mayor Marty Walsh on being nominated to serve as U.S. Secretary of Labor. This son of immigrants started his career working as a laborer in all of the elements – blazing heat, freezing cold, rain and snow – coming home each night, having to get out of his work clothes outside so he didn’t drag mud through the house.  Recognized from the start as a natural leader, Walsh was asked by his coworkers to speak on their behalf. Always civically engaged, he was recognized by his community and asked to speak on their behalf as a state legislator. Recognized as a strong and objective leader by the trade union movement, he was asked to speak for them as head of the building trades in Boston.

“In these roles, Mayor Walsh always looked to level the playing field for all communities, especially communities of color, women, immigrants, veterans, and the formerly incarcerated. He tilled the soil so they could have their shot at the middle class through training and skillsets taught in apprenticeship readiness programs that he developed and on to Registered Apprenticeship. The residents of Boston recognized this exceptional leadership; they wanted him to speak for them, and he has, as two-time elected and current mayor. Now, recognized by President-elect Biden as a talented, smart, tough advocate for the American dream for all – always pulling people up, never tearing them down – Mayor Walsh will continue creating pathways and ladders of opportunity for anyone that wants a chance to succeed in America’s workforce.

“Mayor Walsh is the exact right choice for Labor Secretary at this time in our country’s history. We are confident that Mayor Walsh will continue creating pathways of opportunities for anyone that wants a chance to succeed in America’s workforce. He is also keenly aware of the perils of health and safety facing workers in this country. He will make sure that America’s workers get the proper training and that America’s employers, in partnership, follow the rules so that workers arrive home after work in the same condition as they headed off to work in the morning.

“There is no better decision for U.S. Labor Secretary that President-elect Biden could have made than somebody who has been there, done it, with unquestioned leadership, accessibility, and vast executive experience. America’s employers will be well served with Mayor Walsh as Labor Secretary, and all of America’s workers – black, white, brown, women, men, gay, straight, and transgender – will recognize that, for the first time in decades and decades, the U.S. Labor Secretary will speak for them at the worksite, in the halls of Congress, in the c-suites, at the Roosevelt room in the White House and in the Oval Office when the President convenes the Cabinet.

“Our heartiest congratulations to Mayor Walsh on his nomination and to the American workforce for their voice, their spokesperson, their advocate, and their Labor Secretary.”


Press Contact:  Betsy Barrett,, 202-756-4623 | 202-997-3266