Opinion: Unions Are Answer to State’s Labor Shortage

April 1, 2023

By Frank Callahan, President of Massachusetts Building Trades Unions


MASSACHUSETTS HAS a crisis on its hands. The Commonwealth faces an alarming labor shortage, with fewer people participating in the workforce and more of the Commonwealth’s residents choosing to move elsewhere. The cost of living is skyrocketing causing many to face hard economic decisions. We cannot afford to ignore this problem, but it’s also a problem with an achievable answer: labor unions.

To attract and retain new workers, we must provide workforce training and help people meet the exorbitant cost of living. At Massachusetts Building Trades Unions, that’s exactly what we do. 

Workers with union wages and benefits earn enough money to support their families, invest in their homes and neighborhoods, spend money in their local communities, and provide opportunities for their children. Unions are the foundation of a strong middle-class.

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