Nashville, TN – August 24, 2023

Music City Construction Careers Apprenticeship Readiness Program graduates on stage presenting with President McGarvey after sharing their success stories with the audience.


On August 24, Team NABTU continued its national Opportunity Pipeline Tour in Nashville, TN at United Association Local 572. This event featured several significant local speakers including Mayor John Cooper, Mayoral Candidate Freddie O’Connell, Tennessee Valley Authority’s Justin Maiherhoffer, Stand Up Nashville’s Nathaniel Carter, and more. The event also included several speeches from Music City Construction Careers Apprenticeship Readiness Program graduates, who shared their stories of how they got into the trades and the impact it has had on their lives so far.

In The News

Nashville Business Journal – “We’re trying to establish relationships on both sides … and let them know, ‘hey, we go to church with you, our kids go to school with your kids. We’re all Tennesseeans, just trying to make a good living.”

Sharable Resources

Check out the video recording from the event.