The Sierra Club’s Nonsensical Opposition to Gas-Fired Power Generation

Those are the words of Nicole Jacobs, in a piece she authored for “Energy In-Depth.”  The article is chock full of interesting and relevant facts, graphs and information for building trade councils to use in the on-going effort to confront the “keep it in the ground” mentality that threatens so many of our members’ jobs and livelihoods.

Nicole’s conclusion is spot on:

“In its effort to “keep it in the ground” when it comes to any and all fossil fuels, Sierra Club has placed ideology ahead of facts and the American consumer that relies on affordable electricity options. The transition to renewable energy does not have to come at the expense of other industries, and a more realistic approach to such a transition does not mean that the environment is being jeopardized. Natural gas has proven that point consistently over the last few years.

All this report does is create undo alarm over a crisis that doesn’t’t exist in order to push this false reality that in order to have renewable energy, there can’t be fossil fuels. That kind of mentality is wrong, and is a disservice to the advancement of diversified energy portfolios.”