Welcome Message

Welcome to the new website of North America’s Building Trades Unions (NABTU).

Our new site is a reflection of the value that our unions collectively bring to the partnerships that we have built with businesses and whole industries, as well as leaders and organizations in the communities in which the men and women of our unions live and work.

I invite you to peruse through this site and gain a rich and more complete understanding of the  principles and beliefs that are central to our fundamental culture of delivering “value on display, every day.”

As I frequently like to say, and what I hope that you take away from this is this one simple notion: “we are not our grandfather’s building trades unions.”

Of particular note is the Apprenticeship and Training section, where you can learn about the exciting work that our unions have done, and continue to do, in funding and operating the world’s most successful and envied apprenticeship and education infrastructure, and which is central to the work that NABTU does on daily basis to build partnerships, opportunities and pathways with businesses, industries, and communities all across North America.

Our hope is that you come away from this site with a better understanding of the important work that NABTU and its affiliated unions are doing to help and assist businesses and whole industries, while simultaneously helping to elevate communities and individual lives.

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Thank you for taking the time to visit with us today!

Sean McGarvey
North America’s Building Trades Unions