Helmets to Hardhats

Making a successful transition from the military into the civilian workforce can be difficult. Transitioning military veterans face the same challenges as any other job hunter – getting their résumé to the right people, learning how to sell themselves, tracking down promising leads, following-up with employers, headhunters and job placement agencies. A difficult process for most people, veterans have the added stress of trying to translate the skills they learned in the military into language civilian employers can understand. The process can oftentimes feel overwhelming.

Enter Helmets to Hardhats (H2H).

H2H connects military veterans with quality career training and employment opportunities within the building and construction industry. Sponsored by the 15 international and national unions of NABTU, along with construction industry employer associations, H2H was formed to help ease the difficult passage back to civilian life for military families and provide a connection to quality career and training opportunities in one of most challenging and rewarding industries – the construction industry.

Interested military candidates need only to log on to a Helmets to Hardhats website, helmetstohardhats.org (U.S.) or helmetstohardhats.ca (Canada), and follow the instructions for registering an online profile. Candidates can then search available career opportunities and contact a Helmets to Hardhats representative to assist them with finding an appropriate apprenticeship training program in a location and trade of interest. Prior experience with a particular craft or trade is not necessary.

Providing stable, secure, and prosperous civilian careers for the men and women who serve in the military is the foundation of our promise to our veterans.

Helmets to Hardhats is all about standing up for what’s right…and it’s the story of how an entire industry has come together not just to reward those who have bravely served with dedication, honor and courage, but to enlist those same veterans to put their military training, values and discipline to work in carrying out a new mission for the United States and Canada.

North America Building Trades Unions offer the best jobs in the construction industry – the best pay, the best benefits, the safest job sites and the fairest contractors. Our veterans deserve the best. You’ve earned it. Let the value of your military service and training work for you, with the support of Helmets to Hardhats. Answer our call and join the 3 million skilled craft union professionals in the United States and Canada.

Learn more at www.helmetstohardhats.org and check out the H2H Brochure here!