Terrence M. Larkin
General President
The International Association of Heat and Frost Insulators and Allied Workers (HFIAW or Insulators)

For over 50 years Terrence “Terry” Larkin has been gathering experience and absorbing
knowledge as a member of Insulators Local 2 Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. In 1973, Terry worked
as a permit helper for 4 years for Local 2 Pittsburgh, PA before his acceptance as an apprentice.
The procedure then were a lot different than today. He became respected within the rank and
file of Local 2 that led him to many positions that recognized him as a person that can solve
problems with a pragmatic philosophy. He earned the position as the Apprentice Coordinator,
then became Local 2’s Business Manager for 12 years. His leaderships skills then propelled
him to become the International Vice President of the Middle Atlantic States Conference for 19
years. His unique ability to advocate for the “little guy” as well as demonstrating his ability to
lead in the political and business larger platforms were recognized by the delegation of the 28th
Quincentennial Insulators Convention in August of 2022. The convention’s delegation
demanded change, and change is what they got. In a historical convention, Terry received the
confidence of the delegation to lead the International in these challenging times. Terry Larkin
became the General President of International Association of Heat and Frost Insulators and
Allied Workers. Once again, Terry was able to prove the ability of democracy, by answering
the call of a delegation that demanded change, and that anything is possible if we unite and
work together.