Nuclear Energy

With one of the highest rates of unionized construction workforces in the energy sector, nuclear energy remains a key pillar of NABTU’s energy infrastructure framework. As of 2021, there were just over 90 nuclear power reactors, and 55 commercially operating facilities, which produce 20 percent of our nation’s energy.1 These facilities have seen a string of closures over the previous decade with little expansion. To that end, NABTU has worked to maintain the existing nuclear fleet and recognizes this effort as a key component towards the country reaching its energy goals. As White House National Climate Advisor Gina McCarthy said, the “continuation of the existing nuclear, as long as it’s environmentally sound and it’s permitted, is going to be absolutely essential.”2

In addition to efforts to secure our existing nuclear infrastructure, NABTU is proud to have members working to expand our nation’s nuclear sector as well. In places like rural Georgia, almost 7,000 of our members, are worked to develop Plant Vogtle’s Unit 3 and 4 in what is one of the largest job-producing projects in the state.