About Us

NABTU is dedicated to the stability of employment and economic security of organized construction workers in North America. Our purpose is to create more work opportunities, achieve living wages and protect benefit standards, not just for the members of our 14 national and international union affiliates, but for all construction workers.

Organized construction workers have achieved a powerful voice in government, in bargaining and in their communities. For over a century, NABTU has worked to secure the continued stability of employment and economic security of organized skilled craft professionals in the construction industry.

The governing board of presidents and our executive officers are assisted in implementing policy through the work of standing committees. The policies of the governing board and the board of the convention are carried out by our officers and staff departments, and through the efforts of over 380 state, local and provincial councils in the United States and Canada.

The standing committees of NABTU are: Apprenticeship and Training; Canadian Executive Board; General Presidents’ Committee on Contract Maintenance; Legislative Task Force Committee; National Organizing Committee; Communications committee; and the Tradeswomen’s Committee. The chair of each standing committee devotes considerable time to lead the committee and works in concert with our staff.

The important work of NABTU is in the detail and the daily implementation of policy. That work revolves around three crucial hubs of activity: legislative and governmental affairs; field services; and labor-management relations.