Community Drive Helps Those on the Front Lines of the Fight Against COVID-19

By Paola Belloso

FARGO, N.D.- Healthcare workers across the nation are working on the frontline of the COVID-19 pandemic with, at times, not enough supplies to protect them.

“The nurses union out in Bismarck came up with this idea for Bismarck they are doing the same exact thing today and tomorrow. So, we thought that over here we could do our part and help give back to the community. Especially for the medical community that is going to be helping us with potentially a virus response, helping sick people. So, I thought well, let’s do our part,” says President of the North Dakota Building Trades Council, Jason Ehlert.

“They are on the frontline. If they have to keep reusing masks. If they are out of commission, the whole healthcare system is going to be out of commission. They’re the root of everything in the hospital, they take care of all that stuff,” says President of the  ND AFL-CIO, Landis Larson.

They know that not everyone can help during these times, but those who can, do.

“We’re accepting donations of Personal Protective equipment, PPE, things like those N95 masks, latex gloves, anything that are needed by the medical community to help with the COVID-19 pandemic,” Elhert says.

They created an assembly line to make it easy for people to leave donations and to limit contact.

“We have two access points in this parking lot, so we can have vehicles come in. They don’t need to get out of their cars, we’re trying to maintain the guidelines from the CDC, also the governor. Maintain distance, we are all wearing gloves, long sleeves, safety vests, high vests for any vehicles to make sure nobody gets hit. Glasses, sunglasses. We’re trying to minimize contact, but also get the materials that are needed,” Elhert adds.

About 25 vehicles donated items, with latex gloves and masks being the most popular.

Original Story from KVRR Local News (North Dakota)