International President Robinson’s Bio

Kinsey M. Robinson
International President
United Union of Roofers Waterproofers and Allied Workers

Kinsey M. Robinson was elected to the position of International President on April 1, 2006.  The United Union of Roofers, Waterproofers and Allied Workers represents 25,000 members working throughout the United States in the industrial and commercial sectors of the construction industry.  He is the Chief Executive Officer of the union and is responsible for the operation of the Washington, DC headquarters and 81 local offices located in 47 states.

Robinson began his roofing career in Spokane, Washington, graduating from Local Union No. 189’s apprenticeship program in 1968.  In 1969 he was elected to the Local’s Executive Board and three years later was elected Recording-Secretary.  In 1974 he was elected Business Manager of Local No. 189, a position he held until his appointment with the International Union as an International Representative in 1982.

He was unanimously elected International Secretary-Treasurer in 1985 and on four successive occasions.  As International Secretary-Treasurer he placed a strong emphasis on developing quality auditing procedures and internal controls for Local Unions and has fostered strong relationships with contractor groups and associations to provide members with comprehensive pensions and health care.  As Trustee of the National Roofing Industry Pension Plan he has worked diligently to dramatically improve Plan design and benefits covering 31,000 participants, and at the same time Plan assets have risen from $100 million to over $1.5  billion.  As International President he has continued to emphasize organizing, market development and labor/management relations.

Date of Birth

July 17, 1946

Union Affiliation & Offices Held

  • 1967 – Initiated United Union of Roofers, Waterproofers & Allied Workers, Local Union No. 189
  • 1968 – Graduated Local No. 189 Apprenticeship Program
  • 1969 – Elected Local No. 189 Executive Board
  • 1972- Elected Local No. 189 Recording-Secretary
  • 1974 – Elected Business Manager Local No. 189
  • 1982 – Appointed International Representative to assist the International President
  • 1985 – Elected International Secretary-Treasurer
  • 2006 – Elected International President

Other Elected Union Offices

  • President, Northeastern Washington-Northern Idaho Building & Construction Trades Council
  • President, Northwest District Council of Roofers
  • President, Washington State Building & Construction Trades Council

Apprenticeship and Training

  • Treasurer and Coordinator, Inland Empire Joint Apprenticeship & Training Committee
  • Instructor for related training classes at Spokane Community College
  • Chairman, Eastern Washington-Northern Idaho Building Trades Pre-Apprentice Program for the Training of Women and Minorities
  • Resource Panel Member for development of a National Roofing Apprenticeship Program
  • Commissioned by Governor Ray to the Employment and Training Council for the State of Washington.

Trust Funds

  • Trustee, Northwest Roofers Health and Security Fund
  • Secretary of the Board of Trustees, Roofers Local No. 189 Supplemental Pension Fund
  • Secretary of the Board of Trustees, Arizona Roofers Health and Welfare Fund
  • Secretary of the Board of Trustees, National Roofers Union & Employers Joint Health Fund
  • Trustee, National Roofing Industry Pension Plan
  • Trustee, National Roofing Industry Supplemental Pension Plan
  • Trustee, Roofers Local No. 30 Combined Benefit Funds

Professional and Other Affiliations

  • Spokane County/City CETA Consortium
  • Washington Environmental Trade Association
  • Washington Tri-Partite Association
  • Industrial Research Relations Association
  • Gonzaga University Crosby Library
  • Labor Advisory Board for Eastern Washington University
  • National Maintenance Agreement Policy Committee
  • National Stabilization Agreement Committee
  • Joint Roofing Industry Labor and Management Committee
  • Building & Construction Trades Department Davis-Bacon Committee
  • International Foundation for Employee Benefit Plans
  • National Coordinating Committee for Multiemployer Plans
  • Guest Panelist for the National Association of Women in Construction
  • Labor Advisory Board for United Way
  • Planning and Allocation Committee for United Way