International President Jones’ Bio

Newton B. Jones
International President
International Brotherhood of Boilermakers, Iron Ship Builders, Blacksmiths, Forgers & Helpers

  • Date of Birth: July 16, 1953
  • Graduated High School: Duncan U. Fletcher Senior High – Jacksonville Beach, Florida
  • July 17, 1971: At the age of 18 went to work on his first job Brock & Blevins in Cartersville, Georgia.
  • While working as a Boilermaker he also attended the University of South Florida and Florida State University where he majored in English.
  • November 10, 1972, joined the International Brotherhood of Boilermakers, Iron Ship Builders, Blacksmiths, Forgers and Helpers, Lodge #203 – St. John’s Newfoundland later transferring his membership to Lodge #199 – Jacksonville, Florida.
  • January 16, 1981 appointed International Representative/General Organizer.
  • 1985 graduated the Harvard Trade Union Program.
  • August 16, 1986 appointed Director of Organizing and Communications.
  • The principal architect of the Boilermakers’ “Fight Back” construction organizing strategy, an innovative and effective approach to organizing in the construction industry.
  • January 01, 1990 appointed Editor/Manager of the Reporter.
  • January 01, 1994 – July 24, 2003 International Vice-President of the Southeast Section; as International Vice-President he negotiated one of the largest wage and benefits package increases in the Southeast. Nominated by Retiring International President Charles W. Jones in July 2003, and elected by the International Executive Council to complete the un-expired office of International President of the International Union, effective July 23, 2003. Member of the Governing Board of Presidents of the Building and Construction Trades Department, effective July 2003.
  • Member of the Executive Council of the Metal Trades Department – July 2003.
  • Member on the Brotherhood Bank and Trust Board, July 2003.
  • Nominated by Charles W. Jones, President Emeritus and Chairman of the Board of the Brotherhood Bank and Trust and confirmed by the Brotherhood Bank’s Board of Directors as Chairman of the Brotherhood Bank and Trust Company, effective February 11, 2004.
  • Director of the Shipbuilding and Marine Division, effective June 01, 2004.
  • Re-Elected by the Thirty-First Consolidated Convention, July 24-27, 2006, as International President.